Next meeting: Wednesday, Juy 15 at 7 pm. This meeting will be held virtually.


Meeting ID: 871-7575-6846     Password: 055002

Dial-In: 301-715-8592


Agenda for July 15 meeting:
-Continued discussion of the Adams Morgan Pedestrian Zone and the expanded use of public space on 18th Street in Adams Morgan. 
-Continued discussion of a tree plan for BB&T Plaza from DDOT’s Urban Forestry Division.
-Consider resolution to oppose and appeal B2005159 for 1808 Ontario Place NW.


Actions taken at the June 17 meeting:

June 17 meeting video recording.

ANC 1C took no actions at this week’s Planning, Zoning, and Transportation Committee meeting.

We discussed a tree plan for BB&T Plaza from DDOT’s Urban Forestry Division and we want to hear from you. If you have thoughts about this plan or other ideas for how to use the space on the corner of 18th and Columbia Rd NW, please email your Commissioner!