ABC and Public Safety Committee

ANC1C has three Committees to help assess matters that are brought before the Commission. The ABC and Public Safety Committee has jurisdiction over matters such as alcoholic beverage control, policing, and fire and emergency services.  One of the key roles of the ABC and Public Safety Committee is to monitor the alcohol licenses that are in operation in Adams Morgan’s commercial district.  Matters that are currently under review by the Committee and  matters that were previously addressed by the Committee can be found by clicking here

If you would like ANC1C to consider a matter for which the ABC and Public Safety Committee has jurisdiction, please provide all relevant materials to the Chair of the ABC and Public Safety Committee at least three weeks prior to the date of the Committee meeting at which you would like the matter to be considered.  Any recommendations made by the ABC and Public Safety Committee with respect to your matter would typically then be scheduled for deliberation and voting by the full Commission at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the full Commission.

Wed Jul 08 @ 7:00PM -
ABC and Public Safety Committee

The July 8 meeting will be held virtually. 
Meeting ID: 871-4027-0789     Password: 558549 
Dial-In: 301-715-8592

Agenda for July 8 meeting: 

-TBC police report 
-Consider a transfer and substantial change to an ABC license for MAHK Meetings LLC. The licensee requests to transfer license from 1723 Columbia Road N.W, to a new location at 1806 Vernon Street, N.W.


June 10 ABC & Public Safety Committee meeting

Livestream - 

No actions were taken.

- Continued discussion of a proposal to open and expand uses of public space on 18th Street in Adams Morgan. 
- Jackie Beathea, outreach coordinator for MPD's Third District, was available to take community questions and discuss ways to keep our community together.
- Discuss internet sales application by Chufly Imports.