ANC1C Meeting

The next meeting of ANC1C is:

The agenda is:

Minutes.  The Commission expects to adopt the minutes of its Special Forum on Lanier Zoning that took place on November 18, 2014, and of its regular monthly meeting that took place on February 4, 2014.
Quarterly Report.  The Commission expects to adopt its financial report for the first quarter of the 2015 fiscal year.
Clarifications to Grant Guidelines.  The Commission may deliberate and vote on drafting clarifications to its Grant Guidelines.
Rock N Roll Marathon.  The Commission may deliberate and vote on a request from the Rock N Roll Marathon for a letter of support.
Proposed Development at Meridian International.  With respect to the proposed development of a residential building with approximately 130 units and conference space on Meridian International’s property at approximately 2350 16th Street NW, the Commission will deliberate and vote concerning the Planning, Zoning, and Transportation Committee’s recommendation that the Commission call on the Historic Preservation Review Board to: (i) require that the height be reduced, (ii) require that the scale and massing be reduced, and (iii) require that the materials be revised and enhanced.
Moratorium on Pop-Up Developments.The Commission may deliberate and vote on whether to send a letter urging the Mayor and the District Council to enact a moratorium on pop-up development of rowhouses until regulations have been put into place.
BZA Appeal for 2305-2307 Ontario Road NW.  The Commission may deliberate and vote on whether to file a BZA appeal with respect to the DC Zoning Administrator’s decision to allow the developer of these properties to provide less than the amount of parking specified in the zoning regulations.