Minutes. The Commission will vote on adoption of the minutes from its July 5 meeting. 

Beekman Place fence. The Commission will receive a presentation by MSKM Architects concerning a DDOT public space permit for a fence replacement project at Beekman Place. 

Porchfest.  The Commission will consider a public space request for Porchfest. 

Spaghetti Garden. The Commission will consider withdrawal of its protest of Spaghetti Garden's alcohol license.


Matters addressed at the July 5 meeting:

Minutes. The Commission voted 6-0 to adopt the minutes from its June 7 meeting.

Zenebech. The Commission voted 6-0 on a settlement agreement with the new restaurant.

Phoenix. The Commission voted 6-0 to protest the protest a renewal of their restaurant license to serve wine and beer at 2434 18th St. NW, on the basis of peace, order and quiet.

Grant Requests. The Commission voted 6-0 to give Vida Service Center and Adams Morgan Day 2017 $1,000 grants.

18th Street vehicular/pedestrian safety. The Commission discussed the June 8 hit-and-run that seriously injured two PMD officers and one DDOT employee. It also discussed initial ideas for improving safety on 18th Street.

2101 Connecticut Avenue NW. The Commission voted 6-0 to support the proposed replacement and entrance driveway to the building.

Pitango Gelato. The Commission voted 6-0 to support their public space application.