ANC1C Meeting

The next meeting of ANC1C is:

The agenda is:

Proposed Amendment to By-Laws.  The Commission will deliberate and vote on a proposed amendment to the Commission’s By-Laws.  The amendment would treat each member of the Commission as an ex-officio member of each of the Commission’s Committees.  If a Committee were ever without a quorum, the other members of the Commission who happened to be in attendance would then be allowed to temporarily participate in the Committee’s deliberation and voting so that the community would not be kept waiting.  The proposed language would be added as a new final sentence to Article 5, Section 1, and would read as follows: “In addition to the standing members of each standing committees, each Commissioner shall be an ex-officio member of each standing committee.  Commissioners shall have the right, in their ex-officio capacity, to deliberate and vote at standing committee meetings, but only if the standing committee would otherwise be without a quorum of its standing members.”

Minutes.  The Commission expects to adopt the minutes of its regular monthly meeting that took place on October 7, 2015.
Quarterly Report for Q4 of FY2015.  The Commission expects to adopt its financial report for the 4th quarter of the 2015 fiscal year (July, August, September 2015).
Other Agenda Items.  It is generally anticipated that any matters voted out of Committee in October will be scheduled for deliberation and voting by the full Commission at this meeting on Wednesday, November 4th.