Agenda for October 3:

Minutes. The Commission will vote on adoption of the minutes from its September 6 meeting.

The Bottle Shop. The Commission will consider an ABC & Public Safety committee recommendation to modify a settlement agreement so that the establishment will have opening hours of 9am every day.

El Gavilan Grocery. The Commission will consider whether to protest Rioja Market's application for a class B license.


Matters adressed at the September 6 meeting:

Minutes. The Commission voted 8-0 to adopt the minutes from its July 5 meeting.

Budget. The Commission voted 8-0 to approve the Treasurer's 1st (amended) and 3rd Quarter Statements.

Mayor Bowser. Mayor Bowser and members of her cabinet addressed our commission and the Adams Morgan community.

Beekman Place. The Commission received a presentation by MSKM Architects concerning a DDOT public space permit for a fence replacement project at Beekman Place. The Commission voted 8-0 to support the public space permit.

Porchfest. The Commission voted 8-0 to approve a public space request for Porchfest.

Zenebech Sidewalk Cafe. The Commission voted 8-0 to approve a public space permit for this establishment.

Belmont Tower. The Commission voted 6-0-2 to support a resolution authorizing objection to proposed order at this address.

Spaghetti Garden. The Commission voted 7-1 to withdraw its protest of this establishment's alcohol license.

Bom. The Commission voted 8-0 to approve a Settlement Agreement with this establishment.

Local 16. The Commission voted 8-0 to protest the application for change of hours at this establishment.

1829 Kalorama Road NW. The Commission heard a presentation from the developers about their proposed plans for this property. The Commission voted 6-1-1 to support the HPRB proposal but noted continued concerns that the large size and style of the windows in the rear are not compatible with the historic rear facades of other buildings in that neighborhood.

Electric Buses. The Commission voted 7-0-1 to approve a resolution urging DDOT to remove its Circulator diesel buses by 2020.