Wed Nov 29 @ 7:00PM - 09:00PM
Public Service and the Environment Committee
Kalorama Park Recreation Center
1875 Columbia Road NW
Washington, DC

Agenda for November 29 meeting: 

Grant Application. The Committee may consider a grant application from Jubilee Jumpstart.

Marie Reed Facilities. The Committee may hear from neighbors and City officials on the services and facilities available to the community at our new Marie Reed Elementary School and Center.


Matters addressed at the October 25th meeting:

Downtown DC Public Restroom Initiative. The Committee heard a presentation from the Downtown DC Public Restroom Initiative and approved a resolution by a vote of 2-0 recommending that ANC1C support 22-0223, a bill authorizing designation of up to 10 sites for public restrooms and develop a proposal for incentives to businesses to open their restroom to the public. 

DC ReInvest presentation. The Committee heard a presentation in support of a sense of the Council resolution urging reassessment of DC government’s relationship with Wells Fargo. The Committee voted 2-0 to recommend ANC1C support that measure.

Walter Pierce Park. The Committee heard from Mary Belcher about recently released results of the ground penetrating radar survey showing the existence of a number of intact grave sites in Walter Pierce Park.