Next meeting:

Wed January 17 @ 7:00PM - 09:00PM
Kalorama Park Recreation Center
1875 Columbia Road NW
Washington, DC 

Agenda for January 17 meeting: 

Italian Embassy. The Committee will receive a presentation from Mill Creek regarding the Italian Embassy community benefits package.

18th Street. The Committee may discuss potential changes to 18th Street's parking and traffic flow.

PEPCO Sub-station. The Committee will hear a presentation from PEPCO regarding a BZA application for the PEPCO sub-station. The Committee may take other action. 


Matters addressed at the December 20 meeting: 

2481 18th Street NW. The Committee voted 3-0 to refer this HPRB application request to the Commission without a recommendation.

ERPP Signage on North Side of Columbia Road between Ontario and Harvard. The Committee voted 2-1 to recommend the ANC support revisions to the ERPP policy for this section of Columbia Road.

18th Street Drop-off/Pick-up Zones.The Committee voted 2-0-1 to recommend the ANC support a proposal concerning designating some parking on 18th Street for the exclusive use of drop-off and pick-up on Friday and Saturday nights.