Planning Zoning and Transportation Committee

ANC1C has three Committees to help assess matters that are brought before the Commission. The Planning, Zoning, and Transportation Committee has jurisdiction over matters such as development, zoning, traffic, and public transit.  One of the key roles of the Planning, Zoning, and Transportation Committee is to assess requests for changes to zoning requirements and the use of public space. Matters that are currently under review by the Committee and  matters that were previously addressed by the Committee can be found by clicking here.

If you would like ANC1C to consider a matter for which the Planning, Zoning, and Transportation Committee has jurisdiction, please provide all relevant materials to the Chair of the Planning, Zoning, and Transportation Committee at least three weeks prior to the date of the Committee meeting at which you would like the matter to be considered.  Any recommendations made by the Planning, Zoning, and Transportation Committee with respect to your matter would typically then be scheduled for deliberation and voting by the full Commission at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the full Commission.

Next meeting:

Wed June 20 @ 7:00PM - 09:00PM 
Marie Reed Recreation Center
2200 Champlain Street, NW
Washington, DC
(entrance on 18th St, down the stairs from the school)

Agenda for June 20 meeting:

1818 Vernon Street NW. The Committee will consider the application for HPRB approval of proposal to add walkways, windows, and doorways to front facade. 

Oyster Adams School. The Committee will consider the request by the Department of Governmental Services to perform late night work Monday to Friday to 10pm, and to work on Saturdays 7am to 10pm.


Special forum on Meridian International development:

On Wednesday, May 23, the full ANC held a special forum on the Board of Zoning Adjustment application of Westbrook Partners for 2300 16th St. NW and, after hearing from the developers and members of the community, voted unanimously (6-0-0) to oppose the application. 

Matters addressed at the May 16 meeting:

1848 Ontario Place NW. The Committee voted 2-0-0 to place the request for BZA relief on 1848 Ontario Place NW (BZA case no 19771) on the agenda for the full ANC meeting.

1795 Lanier Place. The Committee also voted to place the BZA application for 1795 Lanier Place (BZA case no 19810) on the full ANC agenda, without making a recommendation.

Bus routes. The Committee also received a presentation from WMATA on proposed changes to the bus routes 42/43 and L1/L2. No action was taken on that item.