Wed Feb 05 @ 7:00PM - 09:00PM
Mary's Center
2355 Ontario Road NW
Washington, DC

Actions taken at the January 8, 2020 meeting: 

View the livestream recording here.

-Adopted slate of officers and committee assignments for 2020. (6-0-0)

Chair: Amir Irani; Vice Chair: Ted Guthrie; Secretary: Michaela Wright; Treasurer: Japer Bowles; BID Representative: Japer Bowles.

ABC/Public Safety: Ted Guthrie (Chair), Amir Irani, Japer Bowles;
Planning, Zoning, and Transportation: Amir Irani (Chair), Ted Guthrie, Michaela Wright;
Public Services & Environment: Japer Bowles (Chair), Damiana Dendy, John Zottoli.

Consent agenda (Passed 6-0-0):
-Approved minutes from December 2019 ANC meeting.
-Authorized payment of $25 to participate in DC’s ANC Security Fund for 2020.
-Authorized signatories on the ANC 1C bank account.
-Adopted full ANC and committee meeting dates, times, and locations for 2020.
-Authorized renting space at Mary’s Center for full ANC meetings.
-Approved a resolution in support of application by Life of Riley (Destination Pet) for a special exception allowing use of 2218-2220 as an animal hospital. ANC 1C previously passed a resolution opposing the application because an MOU with neighbors concerning noise and waste disposal issues had not been finalized. That MOU has now been agreed upon and the parties have signed it. At the BZA hearing 12/18/19, the Board requested further consideration by ANC 1C in light of the MOU.

-Tabled a resolution to fill the vacancy in SMD 1C 08.

Regular agenda:
-Protested a new C/T (Tavern) license for MAHK Meetings at 1807 Florida Ave NW on the basis of peace, order, and quiet and on the basis of excessive concentration of licenses, contrary to the Adams Morgan moratorium. Authorized any ANC 1C commissioner to represent the ANC at upcoming hearings. (4-0-2)
-Protested an application from Roofers Union at 2442-2446 18th Street NW for a substantial change to modify occupancy load on the basis of peace, order, and quiet. Authorized any ANC 1C commissioner to represent the ANC at upcoming hearings. (6-0-0)
-Approved a settlement agreement with Los Cuates, 2429 18th Street NW. Also voted to approve a stipulated license allowing operation according to the terms of the new Settlement Agreement during the remaining protest period. (6-0-0)
-Tabled a request for an Edge Energy Sunpower solar installation at 1838 Wyoming Ave NW. (6-0-0)
-Approved a resolution requesting that DDOT conduct a traffic study and consider community feedback on the intersection of 18th Street and Florida Ave. (6-0-0)
-Approved resolution to add micromobility corrals at the intersection of Columbia Rd/Champlain St, 1763 Columbia Rd, and 1707 Columbia Rd NW (with friendly amendments). (6-0-0)
-Approved sending a letter to HSEMA (Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency) approving the 2020 RocknRoll Marathon but expressing concerns about parking enforcement issues. (6-0-0)


Livestream of the December 4, 2019 meeting.