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The firm PN Hoffman has proposed plans  for a new building at the “Suntrust” property at 18th/Columbia Road, NW. Over the past month, Commissioners of ANC1C have been in discussions with the firm regarding historic preservation, preservation of plaza space for public events use, and interpretations of zoning regulations.  Learn more and provide your input at an April 20 meeting of the ANC1C’s Planning, Zoning and Transportation Committee, 7:00 pm at Mary’s Center, 2355 Ontario Road NW. 

In a 5-0 vote on April 11, 2016, the Zoning Commission approved rezoning of Lanier Heights from R-5-B to R-4. ANC1C held public discussions in 2014 to hear from the community regarding the proposed rezoning and subsequently passed a  resolution December 2014 supporting rezoning and assisted in filing the rezoning requestCase 15-09 was brought before the Zoning Commission by ANC1C and Citizens of Lanier Heights in early 2015.

This year, all establishments in Adams Morgan, ANC 1C that serve alcohol have their licenses up for renewal.  If you're having a problem with a particular licensee, please let us know. Contact the ABC and Public Safety Committee Chair, or your ANC Commissioner. We can't address your concerns unless we've heard about them.

Concerns regarding restaurant licensees will be discussed in our April ABC & Public Safety Committee meeting on April 13th, and concerns regarding tavern licensees will be discussed in our October 12th meeting.  If you would like a complete list of establishments in our ANC, or to find out if an establishment holds a tavern or restaurant license, please email ABC and Public Safety Committee Chair Julie Seiwell at

Envision Adams Morgan came about in the spring of 2012 in response to the rapid changes in development in the Adams Morgan. A committed group began meeting regularly with the Public Services and Environment Committee of the ANC1C to develop an overall vision of Adams Morgan that would serve as a both a reference and a guide for understanding Adams Morgan’s present and its future.  A baseline report was created by volunteer residents in 2013 with the support of an urban planning team from Catholic University.

About ANC1C
ANC1C consists of eight Commissioners who live in the community and are elected by their neighbors to serve without pay for two-year terms. The Commissioners vote on local matters affecting Adams Morgan residents, and District government agencies are required to give “great weight” to votes taken by the Commission. If you have a matter that you would like ANC1C to address, please contact your Commissioner or the Chair of the relevant Committee. We encourage everyone to participate so that we can do the best possible job representing Adams Morgan.