• The Advisory Neighborhood Commission for Adams Morgan
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ANC1C consists of eight Commissioners who live in the community and are elected by their neighbors to serve without pay for two-year terms.  The Commissioners vote on local matters affecting Adams Morgan residents, and District government agencies are required to give “great weight” to votes taken by the Commission.  If you have a matter that you would like ANC1C to address, please contact your Commissioner or the Chair of the relevant Committee.  We encourage everyone to participate so that we can do the best possible job representing Adams Morgan.


Marie Reed Modernization – We Need Your Feedback!

The Marie Reed Community Learning Center was built in 1977 as a combined elementary school, community center (with a swimming pool, recreational facilities, and an adult learning center), and public health clinic. These spaces are managed jointly by DC's Department of General Services (DGS), DC Public Schools (DCPS), the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), and the Department of Health (DOH). Marie Reed has now received funding in the DC budget to undergo a complete modernization over the next two years, and a team of architects, engineers, and landscape designers have been commissioned to re-design the facilities.

In early June, the architects presented two possible conceptual approaches to the modernization for community feedback. One approach involved modernization primarily through an adaptive re-use of the existing structure. The other approach involved modernization through a re-use of part of the existing structure together with construction of a new building on the south end of the campus. Unfortunately, after further assessment, the architects and the Department of General Services have concluded that the option involving construction of a new building would significantly exceed the available modernization budget. Accordingly, they have indicated that they expect to move forward with modernization through an adaptive re-use of the existing structure.

As an additional challenge, the adaptive re-use approach was initially presented to the community with a proposed large addition on the west side of the existing building. But again, it has become clear that such an addition is not achievable within the available modernization budget. It remains unclear whether a smaller addition might still potentially be achievable.

Although the possibilities for the modernization have narrowed, it remains critical that community members provide their feedback. The adaptive re-use option has only been developed to a conceptual level, and accordingly we have the opportunity to try to influence the evolving design. Volunteers have created a survey to invite community feedback, so please offer your constructive thoughts and reactions to help ensure that Marie Reed will be modernized in a way that we can all be excited about. And then please share the link broadly to other Adams Morgan residents and other users of the Marie Reed facilities!



Envision Adams Morgan

Envision Adams Morgan came about in the spring of 2012 in response to the rapid changes in development in the Adams Morgan. A committed group began meeting regularly with the Public Services and Environment Committee of the ANC1C to develop an overall vision of Adams Morgan that would serve as a both a reference and a guide for understanding Adams Morgan’s present and its future.  A baseline report was created by volunteer residents in 2013 with the support of an urban planning team from Catholic University.  

In the first phase of Envision Adams Morgan, volunteer working groups developed a report detailing the current state of the neighborhood.  Envision Adams Morgan then launched a survey to collect opinions and ideas from residents and local businesses in the areas of sustainability, housing, economy, transportation, community services, zoning, and historic preservation.  
Between September 2014 and February 2015, Envision Adams Morgan collected 535 responses and over 900 written suggestions concerning the future of the neighborhood. Survey respondents were self-selecting and responses were not tracked or weighted by demographics. These results should be interpreted accordingly and considered reflective of the views of only those who participated in the survey. Nevertheless, those who did participate shared some excellent and constructive ideas.  
The results of this survey have been passed along to the DC Office of Planning, which is conducting the next, more formal phase of this process. The DC Office of Planning has set up a website to run polls and collect even more ideas (http://adamsmorganvision.mindmixer.com/), held a half-day community workshop on February 28th at Marie Reed Elementary School to obtain additional community input, and developed a Neighborhood Profile

On Wednesday, September 30th, the Office of Planning (OP) hosted a community open house for the Adams Morgan Vision Framework at Marie Reed Elementary School. The purpose of the open house was to provide an opportunity for the public to view the draft goals and recommendations and for OP to take any additional feedback before issuing a draft document. The draft will be available on October 14 and OP will set a 30-day public comment period.

Thank you for continuing to share your vision with us!