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Welcome to ANC 1C PDF Print E-mail

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C is the elected body representing the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC. These pages provide residents with information they want about the ANC, the community, city services, and opportunities to become active in your community. They will also serve visitors as an introduction to this vibrant Washington neighborhood.

Proposed Work at Kalorama Park PDF Print E-mail
As you may be aware, the community has been working for some time to have the Department of General Services and the Department of Parks and Recreation (i) correct a soil remediation project that was previously done incorrectly at Kalorama Park. As the planning for that work progressed, the agencies also brought forward plans for (ii) a proposed redesign of the plaza at the top of the park, and (iii) a proposed renovation of the park’s playground.
ANC1C has now received many messages from many residents about these proposals. In general, everyone seems to favor the soil remediation and the renovation of the playground. But there appear to be strong differences of opinion among those who support a proposed redesign of the plaza, and those who want the design of the plaza to remain the same.
As previously referenced, this matter will be included on ANC1C’s agenda on Wednesday, December 3rd. If you have already let us know your views, thank you. If you haven’t already let us know your views, we would be happy to hear from you. And we encourage anyone who would like to share their views on December 3rd to please come and do so. The meeting will be at Mary’s Center, 2355 Ontario Road NW. The meeting starts at 7:00 pm, but it’s unlikely that we will begin to address this matter before 8:00 pm.
DPR’s proposed redesigns for the plaza can be found here:
Marie Reed Modernization PDF Print E-mail
As you may be aware, in 2013, the District Council budgeted $46 million for the modernization of the school. A significant portion of that money became available on October 1st, and the Department of General Services, together with District of Columbia Public Schools, are now gearing up to determine how to proceed with the modernization.
The agencies previously commissioned an architecture firm to generate several concept possibilities for the school. In two of the concepts, the shell of the existing building would be retained, but with new window openings, and a reconstruction of the interior. In both of these concepts, the recreational, health, and daycare facilities would remain essentially in their current locations. But in the second of these concepts, these facilities would receive a greater degree of remediation and expansion. In the third concept, the existing building would be taken down, a new school building would be constructed on the property closer to 18th Street, and new recreational, health, and daycare facilities would be constructed on the property east of Champlain Street. Images of the concepts, brief descriptions, and rough cost comparisons can be viewed on DGS’s website:
It should be emphasized that these studies are just concepts to assist in thinking about the possibilities for the Marie Reed campus. The agencies are now gearing up to hire a second architecture firm to further assess these concepts, and to potentially offer additional possibilities. Based on what the agencies have told us, the most critical period for community engagement is likely to be during this phase, which is expected to continue for approximately the next five or six months.
Two of the larger issues for which the community will need to provide feedback are:
(1) Should the modernization take place primarily within the existing building shell, or should it take place primarily within new buildings on the property?
(2) Which community services should be provided on the Marie Reed campus? In addition to the school, we currently have recreation, health, and daycare facilities.Are there other services that the community wants?
Please begin thinking about these questions and please ask your friends and neighbors to do so as well. For ANC1C's part, we will be aiming to come up with a meeting schedule starting early in the new year where we can take community input and then translate that into a formal ANC position to be conveyed to the agencies. Additional details on that schedule will follow in the weeks ahead.
Lanier Heights Zoning PDF Print E-mail
ANC1C has received the two proposals linked below concerning zoning in Lanier Heights. One of the proposals requests a change in zoning for the rowhouse portions of Lanier Heights from R-5-B to R-4. The other proposal requests no change in zoning in Lanier Heights.

Proposal to rezone Lanier Heights
Proposal not to rezone Lanier Heights

ANC1C has now scheduled a Special Forum dedicated solely to this topic. The meeting will be on Tuesday, November 18th at 7:00 pm at the Festival Center, 1640 Columbia Road NW. We will not vote on the proposals that night. Rather, we will begin by having the group seeking the zoning change provide a 10 minute introduction of their objectives. We will then have the group opposing the zoning change provide a 10 minute introduction of their objectives. We will then take comments and questions from residents. The goal will be to generally alternate between those who favor the proposed change, those who oppose the proposed change, and those who have other views. Depending on the attendance, we will likely need to limit comments to 2 or 3 minutes per person. After every 10 or so comments, we will aim to give a representative of each group an opportunity to respond to any pertinent points and questions that have been raised. ANC1C's Commissioners will also be given an opportunity to ask questions or make comments.
ANC1C will then take the matter up again at its regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, December 3rd at 7:00 pm at Mary's Center, 2355 Ontario Road NW. At this meeting, there will not be presentations, or a question and answer component (unless Commissioners have questions). However, we expect to again take public comments from those in attendance, likely limited to 2 minutes per person. The Commission then expects to deliberate and vote on the substance of the proposals at this meeting on December 3rd.

We hope that everyone who is interested in this topic will join us for either or both of these meetings.
Adams Morgan Named a Great Neighborhood PDF Print E-mail
The American Planning Association has included Adams Morgan in its Great Neighborhoods list for 2014:
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